Remembered & Meaningful

Also called the homily, the eulogy is a speech that is given that acknowledges the unique life of the person who died and affirms the significance of that life for all who shared it.

The eulogy can be delivered by a clergy person, a family member or a friend of the person who died. Instead of a traditional eulogy delivered by one person, you may choose to ask several people to speak and share their memories. There is also a growing trend toward having people attending the funeral stand up and share a memory of the person who died. This works well, especially at smaller or less formal gatherings.

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Readings help us acknowledge reality and move toward the pain of the loss.

  • Religious funeral ceremonies typically contain a number of standard readings from the faith's literature.
  • Both religious and secular ceremonies may also allow time for readings that represent the person who died.
  • Readings can be selected that capture the unique life and philosophies of the person who died.
  • It is completely appropriate to inject humor if it is a true reflection of your loved one.